Open Data and Culture

The pre-event will take place 5th October 2016 at Spanish National Library (Paseo de Recoletos, 20-22, 28001 Madrid) from 9.00 to 17.00. Except for the foreign speakers who will participate in English, the language of pre-event is Spanish. As a pre-event of IODC2016 its conclusions will be presented on the 6th October at the Data +Culture session in English.

Cultural institutions such as libraries, museums and archives are facing a crucial moment regarding the implementation of European Directives on reuse of public information sector. This open data trend is not only an opportunity but also it means a challenge. The adoption of open data policies not only implies discussions regarding technical aspects and information standards, also the discussion is to determine what is open data and under which licenses data can be reused by third parties for all to benefit from it.

This open event is organised by Spanish National Library, the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, (Spanish Ministry of Industry) together with SEDIC (Spanish Society of Information and Scientific Documentation) and though it is aimed to raise awareness among Spanish Public cultural memory institutions of information reuse. It will address the state-of-art, trends, challenges and success stories both Spanish and European with cultural data.

The event is structured in 4 sections:

  • State-of-art and actual situation in Spain.
  • Cultural Information Reuse strategies at European level
  • Success stories in Europe
  • Success stories in Spain